Reduce the Double Chin with the CoolMini*

Treatment in one session
After photo taken at 3 Months*

Kill Fat and Reduce Skin Reduce Skin Laxity

CoolSculpting under the chin kills fat and reduces skin laxity. This is possible with the CoolMini®. This applicator was designed to fit under the chin. It is gentle enough to not damage delicate structures, while still providing the same fat killing treatment as a larger applicator.

The CoolSculpting Advantage

  • No injections
  • No incisions
  • Treatment to the entire area under the jaw is possible
  • No down time

Long Lasting Results*

The CoolMini kills fat cells using the power of cold*. Fat cells have an extremely limited ability to multiply in adults. Fat reduction from CoolSculpting is anticipated to persist for decades*.

No Down Time

CoolSculpting is safe. It targets just the fat. It does not harm nerves, muscle, skin and glands.

The Applicator

The CoolMini Applicator*
The CoolMini Applicator*

The image shows a CoolMini applicator. Treatment time is 45 minutes.

*Results and patient experience may vary