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Medical Spa NW is the premier CoolSculpting® clinic for patients in Bellevue, WA. We are located near Crossroads and the Microsoft Campus. To get started your CoolSculpting journey, please fill out the form below.

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Why Choose Us for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is all we do and our experience matters. We first started performing CoolSculpting in 2014 and have now performed over 3,700 treatments. This dedication to CoolSculpting gives us the expertise to assure good aesthetic outcomes. We are pleased to offer Bellevue clients a service that provides such lasting, incredible aesthetic results.

Medical Spa NW is a boutique CoolSculpting clinic, offering a concierge service. Your treatment takes place in a private setting. During your visit, you can read, use the internet, watch movies or catch up on sleep. We even offer complimentary meals and beverages.

The Skinny On CoolSculpting

The following article covers common questions about CoolSculpting, including:

  • What is CoolSculpting?
  • How does CoolSculpting work?
  • How much does CoolSculpting cost?


CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular noninvasive fat reduction procedure. There have been over nine million treatments performed worldwide. The name CoolSculpting is a portmanteau of two words: “cool” and “sculpting”, concepts that are unique to this noninvasive fat-reduction procedure.

"Cool" refers to how CoolSculpting uses extreme cold to kill fat cells. The procedure is able to target just fat cells and is safe to the skin, muscle, nerves and other tissues. CoolSculpting results are also persistent. Fat cells have a very limited ability to regenerate in adults. Once fat cells are killed, they are gone for good. Studies show that the fat reduction from a CoolSculpting treatment results persist for decades1.

"Sculpt" refers to the specificity and aesthetics of the procedure. The procedure aesthetically contours the body by reducing tissue at specific locations. The procedure is able to target the double-chin, love-handles and other areas. Men can achieve a more chiseled “V” look, while women can become more hour-glass shaped. Body contouring also allows off-the-rack clothing to look and fit better, too. Individual results may vary.

More details about CoolSculpting are found in the following subsections.

Fat Reduction Versus Weight Loss
Fat reduction is not weight loss.
Before and After Photos
How we take and process treatment photos.
The CoolSculpting Treatment Cycle
A client’s perspective of a single CoolSculpting treatment cycle
20-25% Reduction In Fat Cells
A single cycle eliminates 20-25% of the fat cells to a treated area.
Treatment to Transformation
Our aesthetic approach to CoolSculpting body transformation.
Science and Safety
Cryolipolysis & Freeze-Detect™, the science and safety of CoolSculpting
The Price and Value Of CoolSculpting
Why CoolSculpting costs what it does.

Fat Reduction Versus Weight Loss

You work out, diet and lose weight. Yet, some areas do not cooperate. This tissue persists, resisting all reduction efforts. Medically, this tissue is termed resistant fat.

The location of resistant tissue is often genetic. Some families are known for their double-chin. Other families are known for muffin tops. CoolSculpting targets these areas of resistant tissue to aesthetically contour the body. A CoolSculpting treatment provides long-lasting fat reduction that is not possible with diet and exercise.

Killing fat cells is different than losing weight. Even liposuction, where fat is surgically removed from the body, cannot be considered a weight loss procedurei. Weight loss is a complex relationship between diet and exercise. The only medical procedure that can claim sustained weight loss is gastrointestinal bypass surgery.

Before and After Photos

photo studio
Photo Studio
Medical Spa NW

All of our photos are authentic and show real results. All the before and after photos shown on this website were taken in our photo studio, which is shown in the photo above. The key to taking high quality treatment photos is reproducibility.

All of our photos are authentic and show real results. All the before and after photos shown on this website were taken in our photo studio, which is shown in the photo to the left. The key to taking high quality treatment photos is reproducibility.

Our studio has a fixed point for the light, camera and backdrop. The blue octagon shown in photo above/to the right is for client positioning. These consistent features allow for photos to be consistently taken between different clients, from one photo session to the next.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

This section describes the client’s perspective of a single CoolSculpting treatment cycle. It covers pre-treatment, treatment, post-treatment and the treatment results. To better understand a client’s experience, all of our staff members have received CoolSculpting treatments.

photo studio
CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting uses cold exposure to kill fat cells. Tissue is chilled by means of a medical device called an applicator. The photo to above is of our applicators. CoolSculpting applicators have undergone several generations of improvement. We offer the most recent generation of applicators. These applicators are more comfortable, take less treatment time and are more effective versus previous applicators.

CoolSculpting uses cold exposure to kill fat cells. Tissue is chilled by means of a medical device called an applicator. The photo to the left is of our applicators. CoolSculpting applicators have undergone several generations of improvement. We offer the most recent generation of applicators. These applicators are more comfortable, take less treatment time and are more effective versus previous applicators.

Four of the applicators are elongated cavity shapes. The other is a flat plate. The cavity shaped applicators come in progressively larger sizes and are designed to treat various sizes of bulging tissue. The plate applicator is designed to treat dome-shaped areas such as the outer thigh, the flanks and abdomen. For a size reference, the length of the smallest applicator shown is about the length of a credit card.

The area to be treated is first analyzed by our CoolSculpting specialist. Tissue naturally presents with a certain size and shape. The art of CoolSculpting is selecting the proper applicator to provide the best aesthetic result for the area being treated.

After applicator selection, treatment starts by covering the area with a propylene glycol wipe. The area is then covered by a thin pad. This pad creates a better thermal connection between the skin and the applicator. The CoolSculpting applicator is placed directly onto this pad. The cavity-shaped applicators use a gentle vacuum to draw the tissue and approximate it to the surface of the applicator. After placement, the applicator is secured with a strap to prevent its movement.

When the chilling starts, the applicator quickly feels quite cold. After about five to seven minutes, the area goes completely numb. Depending upon the protocol of the applicator being used, the tissue is chilled for a period of 35 to 90 minutes. For the duration of the treatment, you can take a nap, read, eat or perform light work.

Upon completion of the treatment, the applicator is removed and the treatment area receives a two minute massage. This massage does not feel particularly good. The purpose of this massage is to increase the effectiveness of the treatment by killing more fat cells.

After treatment, you can immediately proceed with normal life. There is no required down time. After a CoolSculpting treatment, the treated area may experience temporary numbness, redness or swelling.

About two weeks after treatment, the immune system begins to infiltrate the treated area to remove the dead fatty tissue. Many clients report this as an itchy or tingly sensation. This sensation is similar to what one experiences during wound healing. Not everyone experiences this sensation and the effectiveness of the treatment does not depend upon the degree to which one experiences this sensation.

CoolSculpting does not require a person to follow a special diet or take any special supplements. The results from a CoolSculpting treatment take four to five months to fully manifest. The rate depends entirely upon the speed of the immune system. As the dead fat cells are removed, the skin in the area typically recoils. The process of recoiling can take another four-five months after the area has fully reduced. Skin recoiling is most apparent for treatments under the chin.

The Food and Drug Administration has cleared CoolSculpting for the nine areas listed below. Other ‘off-label’ areas can be considered.

  • submentum/under the chin
  • back of arms (triceps)
  • bra bulge
  • abdomen
  • flanks
  • back fat
  • inner thigh
  • outer thigh
  • lower buttock (banana) roll

The 20-25% Reduction

A single treatment cycle of CoolSculpting eliminates 20-25% of the fat cells within the treated area. Some clients are happy with the results of a single treatment cycle. Industry experience finds that most people are significantly more satisfied when an area is retreated. The image below shows an example of what is possible when retreating the abdomen. Other examples of areas that have been retreated are shown in our before and after gallery.

ab treatment, before
1st ab treatment
2nd ab treatment

CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation

Treatment to transformation is the artistry of CoolSculpting. It is the process by which our CoolSculpting specialists plan the use of applicators and treatment cycles to perform the aesthetic transformation of the body.

Treatment to transformation starts with an evaluation because every body is different and unique. Our specialist palpates the tissue to evaluate its size, shape and distribution. The most critical planning decision is the choice of the applicator and its placement. We use life-size templates for treatment planning, which assures consistent, predictable results. The outline of the templates are traced directly on the skin using a kid-safe, washable marker. We have a full length mirror for you to review and approve the process.

Every body is unique. Every treatment goal is unique, as well. We want to assure that your specific treatment goals are being addressed by the treatment plan. For many clients, the treatment goal is about getting off-the-rack clothing to fit and look better. For many men, its about getting a more v-shaped, chiseled-looking physique. For many women, its about accentuating the hour-glass curve.

Why CoolSculpting Works and Is Safe

CoolSculpting is able to kill fat (adipose) cells without causing harm to the skin, muscle and other tissues. CoolSculpting is able to be this specific as a result of the physical differences in the way water and fat (lipid) respond to cold exposure and the structural differences between adipose cells and the cell types of other tissues.

The graph below shows how water and lipid respond to cold exposure. The y-axis is temperature. The x-axis is time. The zero point on the y-axis is 32oF/0oC, which is the freezing temperature of water.

How water chills
Temp0Cliquidfreezinglatent heatsolid

The graph for water shows three distinct stages of chilling depending on the water temperature: above freezing, at freezing and below freezing. When water is above or below freezing, it chills at a steady rate. This rate is represented by the two downward sloping lines. When water is at freezing the temperature does not change, even though heat is still being removed. This is represented by the flat, horizontal line. The heat being removed, termed latent heat, allows for the formation of ice crystals.

How lipd chills

The graph for lipid shows just a single downward sloping line. Throughout its entire chilling process, lipid chills at a consistent rate. There is no period of time when lipid maintains the same temperature. This means that lipid never actually freezes. It never undergoes crystallization. Instead, it gradually transforms from a body temperature liquid to a chilled, rock-hard, disorganized solid.

CoolSculpting is able to target just the adipose cells. The reason for this is a critical difference in the composition between adipose cells and other cell types. About 85% of an adipose cell is lipid. About 85% of other cell types is water.

The medical term for cellular death by chilling lipid is cryolipolysis. During a CoolSculpting procedure, the lipid within an adipose cell becomes rock-hard before water has an opportunity to freeze. The rock-hard lipid damages its cellular membrane. Damage to the cellular membrane triggers the adipose cell to undergo apoptosis and die. Since this rock-hard lipid is found only within adipose cells, adipose cells are the only cell types affected. Since water remains liquid, there is no damage to the membranes of the watery cell types.

Apoptosis is a programmed mechanism of cellular death. When cells undergo apoptosis, digestive enzymes are formed. These enzymes digest all the watery-based cellular machinery of life within the adipose cell. This causes the cell to die within three days of a treatment. One major benefit of apoptosis is that it does not cause scar tissue formation.

The CoolSculpting treatment protocol is precisely timed to complete before water is able to freeze. As a fail-safe mechanism to prevent frostbite, the CoolSculpting applicator incorporates a patented system call Freeze-Detect™. As the name implies, Freeze-Detect measures the latent heat of freezing and automatically terminates the treatment before frostbite can occur.

The Price of CoolSculpting

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
(Warren Buffet)

CoolSculpting is a value proposition. The price of CoolSculpting is primarily due to its development costs. CoolSculpting is not a franchise. Each clinic is independently owned and operated. To pay back development costs, the manufacturer charges a royalty for every CoolSculpting treatment that is performed. The cost of this royalty is quite significant and is the primary driver of the price of a treatment. To control pricing further, the manufacturer has a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. This is why the advertised price for CoolSculpting is virtually the same at every clinic.

The base price for a single cycle of CoolSculpting is $800. MAP allows clinics, like ours, to discount a single cycle charge to $600. Note that most treatments require at least four cycles. The list price of a four cycle treatment is $3,200. With our discount, the price is $2,400, a savings of $800, which is like getting one cycle for free.

CoolSculpting is a safe noninvasive medical procedure that offers long-lasting results. At Medical Spa NW, CoolSculpting is all we do. We have performed over 3,700 treatments. We are pleased to be able to offer this service because CoolSculpting provides such exceptional, long-lasting, aesthetic results.


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