I have great results from my treatment. Thanks so much for the great results!! So happy that I did it and had my treatments with your office.

-- ML

Fabulous and Amazing! Love this place. Betsy and Rikki are perfectionists!

-- JS

Thank you Medical Spa NW, for your CoolSculpting service. For those thinking of having this procedure, I highly recommend this office. They are thorough, knowledgeable, great customer service and very private. I went in for my consultation spoke about my target areas, they listened and they gave me the results that I wanted to achieve. If you are considering CoolSculpting, Medical Spa NW is the place to have it done!!

-- MG

WOW! My tummy is suddenly so flat! You won't believe the difference from a year ago. Thank you so much! Please give a high-five to Betsy. You two are great. I know a flat tummy doesn't sound like a big deal, but after 40, you rarely see improvement in your body.

-- JE

I had heard about Cool Sculpting and wanted to give it a try. For many years I had no waist and stubborn belly fat. I checked out some places and decided to go the Medical Spa NW.

Rikki and Erin are beyond excellent, highly-skilled, and personable. They explained the procedure to me and let me know what to expect.

It was all true. My before and after pictures were all the proof I needed to write this sincere review.

I highly recommend Medical Spa NW. They are professional, accommodating, and the results are amazing. Rikki and Erin are a superb team.

The time I spent there went so fast. I brought magazines to read, my computer, and my phone to pass the time. They also have magazines there. You are even treated to a meal while you are there....and there are many food choices.

I just went back to get a little more done to my smaller tummy. You won't regret going there if you are thinking along these lines. It’s better than lipo and less invasive and with good results.

The day after I had my first procedure, I was out raking leaves and shoveling dirt in my yard. No down time, little discomfort.

Besides getting great results, Rikki and Erin are very nice people.

-- PV

Google Review

Thanks so much for making me feel wonderful! So happy with my results and you are both so kind!

-- SH

Thanks Betsy and Rikki! I really appreciate you two and how great you work together and perform every step of the CoolSculpting procedure so professionally and with care. I look forward to my follow up appointment in a few weeks. I had no reactions or pain last night or today.

-- LH

The staff at Medical Spa NW is professional and very accommodating. The results are amazing and I couldn't be more pleased.

-- TB

I'm just so happy that my jeans fit again. Thanks!

-- RK

It's now been 12 weeks, and the final results are in. I'm really happy I did this and extremely pleased with the results.

-- GS

Betsy did a great job. She definitely knows what she's doing, and Rikki is very helpful and attentive. Along with being very professional and knowledgeable, they are both really nice. I found the whole experience very positive.

-- SG

I am a fitness instructor. Have taught for 37 years. I also have Fibromyalgia. After some injuries and moving out of the country and changes with medications – my weight started creeping up.

As an instructor, I’m aware of exercise and nutrition – but it still was not moving the scales as I wanted. I’ve been looking into CoolSculpting for about five years or more. Last spring, I came into Medical Spa NW in Redmond to discuss CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting has been the catalyst to awesome success! By reducing the layer of fat by CoolSculpting, I was able to work out better. I became encouraged, so I also eat better.

My story is in no way finished. I have many more adventures and opportunities to help others who might be struggling. CoolSculpting is not the end all answer, but it was my catalyst to my healthy weight.

Thank you Betsy and Rikki!. You are awesome!

-- JP

I was tired of the few pockets of stubborn fat and decided to get rid of them. I spent time researching the various non-invasive fat reduction methods and settled on CoolSculpting. I went to several places located in medical clinics, but chose Medical Spa NW for several reasons.

I'm in a medical field and knew how to research. I was impressed with the fact that Rikki and Erin are performing CoolSculpting in a very nice office environment by themselves. They have little overhead, so they don't up charge their clients.

Both ... are very knowledgeable and extremely professional. They didn't try to hard sell me or make me believe CoolSculpting was magic and would solve all my problems. Erin did a full examination of the areas I wanted done and told me which areas couldn't/shouldn't be done. Their honesty was quite refreshing.

Rikki and Erin are both highly qualified in their areas. I had the first two areas done in June 2017. We waited 4 months to see the results before doing the second two areas. That was on Nov 6th, 2017.

I am very pleased with the results of the first treatment and am already seeing results from the second treatment. I highly recommend Medical Spa NW with Rikki and Erin for CoolSculpting treatments.

-- BK

Google Review

I was so pleased with everything about the clinic. I really liked that they took the time to tell me how and why the procedure I am getting will work. I was also so pleased with how quickly they were able to fit me in. Thank you Medical Spa NW

-- LW

Professional staff, positive encouragement, excellent technical explanations, and good lunches!

-- PD

Very professional and efficient. I felt confident every step of the way!

-- EL

It was a very positive experience being a client of Medical Spa NW and it was so nice meeting Rikki and Erin.

-- CB

Medical Spa NW is awesome. You guys are great to work with and you make the whole experience from complimentary consult to the actual procedure very easy. You're very professional and you keep us informed every step of the way. Thanks.

-- JF

An easy and comfortable experience - now just waiting to see the results!

-- GN

I'm very happy with the results. Thank you again for an awesome experience and for making me feel like a "VIP"

-- LR

Pictures look great! Can't wait to get all of the other areas done. I'm very happy! Thank you so very much for your consult and patience. I am very lucky to receive treatment at Medical Spa NW!

-- AG